We offer Gardening/Landscape design & Maintenance for residential, commercial and industrial clients.


Kalungi Road Muyenga

Kampala, Uganda

Mon - Sat 8.00 - 17.30


About Green Yard Gardeners Ltd

Welcome to Award Winning Gardening Landscaping Company.

Green Yard Gardeners Ltd is a fully registered and licensed gardening and landscaping company operating on both domestic and commercial basis . We offer our services within Uganda and the entire East Africa. We offer the following services; 1. Compound design 2. Designing landscape plans 3. Paving 4. Compound maintenance (Daily, Weekly, and monthly) 5. Planting flowers, Shrubs & Grass 6. Grass cutting/ lawning 7. Hedge/fence trimming & Pruning 8. Pest control (Fumigation both in and outdoor) 9. Roof top & paver cleaning 10. Gardening/Landscape consultancy and advisory services 11. Complete garden clearance and renovation.

We at Green Yard Gardeners Ltd deliver projects that sets a benchmark across multidisciplinary landscape and gardening segments. We span across East Africa and have a base of over 100+ satisfied customers since 2014. From Scratch to delivery, we understand the art and science behind the Plants and Flowers.

Our strength lies in our ability to design innovative gardens,lawns and restructuring conventional designs to accommodate to the needs of modern times.We are a team of fully professionals and we deliver quality work beyond your expectation.


Years of Experience

120 +

completed projects


Teams Members

2 +

Awwards Won

Started Our Dream Company

We started our company in 2014. From that day up to date, we always worked hard to give the best solutions to our clients.We had enough experience to serve our customers better.The company started from small services like cutting grass, Trimming & pruning, to the current big company

Hired! 5 fresh new people

Green Yard Gardeners Limited started in a strong gear in that the demand for experienced landscape & gardening staff arised sooner and the company had to implement it in time.We had to open doors for more experts to join the team. Since then, the company now has over 25 workers .

Started up our Company Nursery

After 2 Year, we grew very fast. In 2016, we opened up our Nurseries along Mukwano road, we had different varieties of trees and flowers and we have served more than 500 happy clients.BUT!!! We have shifted our Nurseries to a new place we are yet to communicates to the public

Shifted Company to Big Space

We started the company from a small cogested place but later in 2017, we were able to shift to a new place in Muyenga at Kalungi Road. This was due to too much congestion during our offfice bussy times.

82 Projects

By the time of the fourth anniversary, Green Yard Gardeners Ltd had registered 42 both big and medium gardening and landscaping projects, and we had supplied thousands of gardening and landscaping materials.

Opening up new branches

Now We are in the process of expanding the company not only in Uganda but all the 5 countries of East Africa as we plan to expand to the entire continent in some few years to come.

Some of Our Team Members

Musanga Alumansi
Ceo & Founder musanga@greenyardgardeners.com
Kigenyi Fazali
Landscape Architect & Co-founder kigenyi@greenyardgardeners.com
Kalule Herbert
Senior Field Officer kalule@greenyardgardeners.com
Marketing Officer prosper@greenyardgardeners.com
Miss Hajara
Senior Gardener hajara@greenyardgardeners.com
Nambejja Irene
Senior officer nambejja@greenyardgardeners.com

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