About Us


Since its founding in Kampala in 2014 by the innovative and vibrant individuals whose focus is on Gardening and Landscaping, Green Yard Gardeners, has become the leading gardening and landscaping company in Uganda and well known in East Africa, with its office in Muyenga Kampala Uganda, including its Production/ Nursery beds a long Mukwano road near the city center. Recognizing that our clients are different and therefore have unique requirements, we pay close attention to detail in all our work.

Since then, it has grown each day that passes from a small business into a multidimensional gardening and landscaping company by providing comprehensive landscaping, Compound designs and maintenance services, Fumigation and interior plant maintenance to the commercial and public sectors on a nationwide basis and as Green Yard Gardeners we understand that first impressions counts, as well as the imperative to provide a consistent, Quality & reliable services.

It is a fully registered and licensed therefore we are authorized to run the business which is a guarantee to our clients and we pride ourselves on reliable communication with them.

For the case of maintenance, we arrange Daily, weekly, fortnightly, and monthly visits- whatever suits our clients to regularly maintenance their gardens and keep them look spectacular at all times or sometimes they may need us for special one-off garden maintenance.

We have a team of over 24 professional workers which has enabled us to run many projects at the same time and finish them in the set schedules.


Our Objective: To provide reliable services to specific clients needs regarding gardening and landscape.


Vision: To be the global leader in gardening and landscaping by providing quality services that exceeds the expectations of our esteemed customers.


Mission statement: To build long term relationships with our clients and provide exceptional customer services by pursuing business through innovation.


Core value: We integrate honesty, Professionalism, Accountability, Integrity, Innovation and business ethics into all aspects of our business functioning.


Goals: To build good reputation in the field of gardening and landscaping and become a key player in the industry.

More About Us

Green Yard Gardeners is a fully registered and licensed gardening and landscaping company operating on both domestic and commercial basis . We offer our services within Uganda and the entire East Africa. We offer the following services;
1. Compound design.
2. Designing landscape plans.
3. Compound maintenance (Daily, Weekly, and monthly).
4. Selling both potted & non potted flowers.
5. Planting flowers, Shrubs & Grass.
6. Grass cutting/ lawning.
7. Hedge/fence trimming & Pruning.
8. Pest control (Fumigation both in and outdoor).
9. Vegetable & Herb production.
10. Roof top & paver cleaning.
11. Gardening/Landscape consultancy and advisory services.
12. Complete garden clearance and renovation.
13. Both Soft and Hard scaping such as; Leveling, Laying Pavers, gravel and designing walkway cabs.

Our strength lies in our ability to design innovative gardens and lawns and restructuring conventional designs to accommodate to the needs of modern times.We are a team of fully professionals and we deliver the quality work.

Company Intro

We at Green Yard Gardeners deliver projects that sets benchmark across multidisciplinary landscape and gardening segments. We span across East Africa and have a base of over 80 satisfied customers since 2014. From Scratch to delivery, we understand the art and science behind the Plants and Flowers.

Our Vision

Among Our Visions is to make the gardens or lawns according to the user requirement .In this process we suggest the client best options and work on it. We have the art and science to grow and take care of the Your garden with full dedication.

Started the Company

We started our company  2014. From that day to today we always working to give the solutions to customer.We had enough experience to service you better.

We opened up our Flowers and tree Nurseries

After 3 Year,  we grew very fast. In 2017, we opened up our Nurseries along Mukwano road, we have different varieties of trees and flowers and we are serving more than 100 happy clients.

Expanding and opening up branches in all big cities in East Africa

Now We are in the process of expanding the company not only in Uganda but all the 5 countries of East Africa as we plan to expand to the entire continent in some few years to come.

Our Offices

Our main head office is On Kalungi Road Muyenga Kampala Uganda. We are in position share with you only one address and that is the main branch though many many branches are soon going to be launched.


Kalungi Road Muyenga Kampala Uganda

Our Main Branch

Mukwano Road next to the Main Lory Entrance

Our Trees and Flower beds/Nurseries


Happy Customers


Projects Cleared


Winning Awards


Company Members

Awards & Honors

We have managed to be on top in the this industries in Uganda due to the professionalism, integrity and working ethics that Green Yard Gardeners team portray while in the field.

Meet Our Team

A. George

He has great experience in field he handles and he has worked with this company for three years. He plays a big role by fulfilling  the following; checks for damage

Musanga Alumansi

As one of the founders of Green Yard Gardeners and board member, Musanga is the one responsible for estimating budgeting and project management. He assures quality and customer services. Alumansi

Kigenyi Fazali

Fazali has immeasurable knowledge of industry standards and management. Managing our employees and subcontracting to ensure industry level standards is his strength. He is an

Ms. Miriam

Miriam manages aspects of specific development services. She handles the growing of specific flowers and trees. She is very  talented  in her work on addition

Our strength lies in our ability to design innovative gardens and lawns and restructuring conventional designs to accommodate to the needs of modern times.We are the team of fully professionals and deliver the quality work.