Backyard garden

Backyard garden.

Why should you over spend buying vegetables, herbs and spices when you have some space at your home/ behind your house.

What to plant?

You can plant all varieties of plants as long as they get enough space for better performance for example cucumbers needs big space. You have also to consider the type of soil, you have to know which soil type is best for which plant.

How to prepare the place?

You may decide to make boxes for your gardens, you can use wood (if treated to avoid destruction from termites), bricks or decides to leave it open though it will be exposed to ran off if the compound is not well managed.

You have to till the ground, mix it with enough manure (farm yard or composed), level the garden and then plant the seeds for those that need direct planting or transplant from your nursery.

How to maintain the garden?

After planting, you make sure you water you garden daily if it’s not a rainy season. Make sure you treat it to avoid pests from attacking your garden. Note: avoid spraying with chemicals during the flowering stage unless its un avoidable.

How long it takes to harvest.

Some vegetables you can start harvesting after 10 days (for example Amaranthus or ddodo ). Some after 20, 30 but they won’t exceed 90 days for the case of tubers eg carrots though for the case of beatroot takes on 50 days.


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