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Compound Maintenance

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Regular Maintenance is a crucial component in the health and beauty of your garden and property.We offer maintenance plans tailor-made to your property and budget..

There are so many other services that we have to offer our clients beyond lawn mowing. We can make your property look better than ever with the following services; Aeration, Slit Seeding, Perimeter Pest Control, Organic Programs, Ornamental Root Feeding, Seasonal Flowers,Mulching and Mulch Blowing,Trimming and Pruning,Perennial Bed Care,Fertilization – Grub Control

Our Garden experts monitor the progress and growth in your garden throughout the season and will make suggestions if needed and will bring any concerns to light. To finish off the season we can create beautiful custom holiday arrangements and decorating for your home.

Every Property Is Unique

At Green Yard Gardeners Ltd, we work with you to define a list of goals for your gardens and property. We take into consideration your property’s details and your priorities. Please browse through our testimonials to see why many of our clients love regular maintenance and the positive ways that it has impacted them.

Our comprehensive Plan

The Green Yard Gardeners Ltd team takes an active role in the health and well-being of your property. Our comprehensive maintenance plan includes:
Dry season Leaves clean-ups.
Weekly or bi-weekly garden maintenance.
Weekly lawn maintenance.
Monthly maintenance service.

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