We offer covid-19 disinfecting Services for residential, commercial and industrial clients.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What safety measures are taken during Covid disinfection service?

Our fumigation team wear the most suitable personal protective equipment (PPE) for the disinfection service they’re providing, such as respirators, N95 masks, goggles, coveralls, nitrile gloves, and rubber boots, as appropriate. They’re extensively trained in procedures and practices to minimise risks in exposed environments.

How long does a disinfection service take?

The time taken to disinfect an area or a building depends on the size and type of the building and treatment area, but your premises will be safe to use again 30 minutes after the service or as soon as the disinfection products are dry (whichever is the greater).

Our technicians will let you know the duration of the treatment after a survey has been carried out and once the level of service has been agreed.

How often does a disinfection service need to be carried out?

Well, this depends on the type of business and what the building is used for. Buildings with large numbers of people visiting or that are more likely to have infected people bringing the virus into it (and other associated risks) will need more frequent treatments to ensure the safety of users.

How long does the novel coronavirus survive on surfaces?

It’s unlikely to catch COVID-19 from a surface, but the risk still exists. Lab studies have found that the virus may last on different materials for varying amounts of time. We don’t know if these findings always apply in the real world, but we can use them as a guideline.
Metal examples: doorknobs, jewelry, silverware 5-9 days, Wood examples: furniture, decking 4days, Plastics examples: milk containers and detergent bottles, subway and bus seats, elevator buttons 2 to 3 days, Stainless steel examples: refrigerators, pots and pans, sinks, some water bottles
2 to 3 days, Cardboard examples: shipping boxes 24 hours, Copper examples: pennies, teakettles, cookware 4 hours, Aluminum examples: soda cans, tinfoil, water bottles 2 to 8 hours, Glass examples: drinking glasses, measuring cups, mirrors, windows up to 5 days.

Aske mostly through Online

First, we schedule a time to meet to discuss your project. During our consultation, we will go over what it is that you want and don’t want from your landscape. If a design is needed, we will come back to discuss design options and have plans made.

Typically, within one weeks(some times depends) of our initial meeting, we will present you with a proposal and design concept for you to review.

Once a proposal is approved, we will prepare a contract outlining the terms of work as well as the project details.

We require 65% deposit before we can schedule to begin work. Upon completion of the project, all balances must be paid in full.

We accept cash, check and most major credit cards in Uganda(visa, mastercard).

Yes. Green yard gardeners is licensed landscape contractor.

Yes. That is a key facet to our company. We pride ourselves on personal attention to each project we undertake. It is not unusual to find even the field mangers at onsite, especially during critical installation times.

Gardening and landscaping Field

Yes, we can perform the landscape installation from existing design plans. However, we would want to review the plans to ensure they are done properly.

Yes. We can work with you and break up your project into several different stages, based on your budget and timeline for completion.

Please let us know 4-5 days ahead and we will be in position to provide an argent service the day before your party. With 14 days notification we can also provide a detail crew service, mulch, pruning and seasonal color so that your property will look its best before your big day!

This, of course, depends on your climate and the size of your yard. But, in general, you're likely to get the most enjoyment from trees that naturally stay rather small. Because we're a mobile society, most people don't get a chance to watch a tree grow to maturity. But if you plant a small tree, maybe you can watch it grow up. Semidwarf fruit trees are really rewarding. So are small flowering trees, like redbud and golden chain tree. These trees give you more than just shade.

We use as many all natural and organic products as we can. We are always mindful of the natural environment at our job sites and limit chemical usage

Aeration can be done anytime of the year, but we aerate in the fall. Aeration helps remove excess thatch; it also promotes deep root growth and gives water and nutrients a direct path to the root zone.

You do not have to wait at all. You can use your paving stone driveway right away.