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Fumigation Services

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Prior to commencement of any contract or job treatment, Green Yard will carry out a full site survey totally free of charge and with no obligation. This survey will detail our surveyor’s findings and their recommendations for treatment or prevention specific to the premises.

On completion of our survey we will discuss our findings with you and then tailor our services to suit your needs. This may be in the form of an emergency blitz treatment, or out of hours treatment if necessary to eradicate a current pest infestation.

Alternatively you may simply require the implementation of our maintenance contract.

On completion of Green YardGardeners’ initial treatment a record file is left with the client.On our site pest control file contains all relevant documentation including;
• Green Yard Gardeners Ltd contact numbers • Site details • Treatment report detailing all works carried out and future planned works • Advice to client on hygiene, proofing, storage and any other recommendations • All health and safety data

We carry out pest control services both in & outdoor all around the country. At Green Yard Gardeners Ltd, we pride ourselves in providing a professional, friendly & efficient fumigation service offering advice on prevention & control of insect, animal pests & proofing of premises.

With regard to pest control, we work on boths pests in the house and in the home gardens.Our services range from controling Snakes,Rat and Mice,flies,Carpet beetles, termites,molds on plants, bedbugs,Cockroaches

Our Pest Control teams use the latest insecticides, pesticides, and the most up-to-date pest control equipment, to ensure full eradication of all pests. We use the latest eco-friendly, natural, non-toxic substances, where ever possible.

12/7 Only Pest Control services; Our pest control services are available 12 hours a day, 7 days a week throughout the year, and even during peak infestation times we can respond to problems with virtually no delay.

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