We offer Gardening/Landscape design & Maintenance for residential, commercial and industrial clients.


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Welcome to Green Yard Gardeners Ltd

Green Yard Gardeners Ltd is a private limited gardening and landscaping company operating on both domestic and commercial basis . We offer our services within Uganda and the entire East Africa. We offer services not limited to;
Compound design, Landscape Architect, Compound Maitenance (Grass cutting, Hedges/Fence trimming), Paving, Fumigation, Advisory services.

We are fully registered, licensed and Certified by the Association of Gardening and Landscaping Industries in Uganda (AGLIU) therefore we are authorized to run the business which is a guarantee to our clients.

We take pride in our level of customization, problem solving, and design talent. Our professional designers work closely with you to create a design for your space that enhances your lifestyle while adding value to your home. From the time of your initial consultation, we shall acts as your point-of-contact for all of your needs throughout the project.

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Our Mission

To build long term relationships with our clients and provide exceptional customer services by pursuing business through innovation

Our Core Values

We integrate honesty, Professionalism, Accountability, Innovation and business ethics into all aspects of our business functioning

Our Vision

To be the global leader in gardening and landscaping by providing quality services that exceeds the expectations of our esteemed customers.


To build good reputation in the field of gardening and landscaping and become a key player in the industry.

Services that we offer

Compound Design

We can come up with great designs of plants (flowers/grass) in your compound with guidance from our design tea

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Landscape Architect

We plan and design public outdoor spaces, such as parks, campuses, gardens, cemeteries, commercial centers, resorts, transportation facilities, and waterfront developments. With the education in and respect for historic landscapes and cultural...

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Green Yard Gardeners Ltd has well trained experts and professionals in Paving. We pave in all patterns & designs you may think of, though we may suggest our patterns...

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Pest Control

We have experts who can identify which pest is munching your prized garden. From Ants to weevils, we’ll let.

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Compound Maintenance

We offer maintenance services which includes lawn mowing, Hedge Triming/pruning & Tree Care, fertilizing, Compound cleanups, aerating, mulching, edging, plant health care and removal.

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Selling Flowers + Trees

We offer maintenance services which includes lawn mowing, Hedge Triming/pruning & Tree Care, fertilizing, Compound cleanups, aerating, mulching, edging, plant health care and removal.

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High Pressure Rooftop/ Paver Cleaning

We have experience in cleaning both roof and pavers by removing algae and grass in between them.This will help your house look new and of course this adds value on your property.

Landscape Advisory Services

We offer a consultation service if you are looking for ideas on plant material or other landscape advice. We can advise you on what perennials, annuals, trees or shrubs will work in your particular location taking into consideration your soil type and..

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Why Choosing Green Yard

Over 6 Years of Expeirence

We have a very professional and experienced team from 10 years and above in all the departments ie:Designing landscape plans, Compound Design, Fumigation, Flowers/Trees/Herbs/Vegetable Production. .

120+ Successful Projects

We have served over 100+ big projects therefore don't worry about your project, we are here to help you archieve your dreams when it comes to gardening and landscaping.

Registered,Licensed,Insured & Certified

We are fully registered, Licensed and Insured gardening and landscaping company. This is a security for you as a client and we are trusted by thousands of clients

Honest and Dependable

Honesty is the only policy and we strive to complete all projects with integrity, not just with our clients. With hundreds of successful projects under our belt, we are the most trusted Landscape company in Uganda

Eco Friendly Materials

We provide eco friendly solutions to our customers.Our motto is to make the planet Green and Clean.

Full guarantees for all works

Once we make a commitment, we do the work with full guarantee.Just let us know your input & we work for you according to your budget.

Landscaping Tips andNews

It’s Time to Design Your Dream Outdoor Living Space

Everyone loves to spend time outside with friends and family but you only enjoy your stay outside if your compound liooks specular with great different colors of flowers.

Landscaping Adds Value to Your Property

Landscaping can add tens of thousands of dollars to the value of your property. It is one of the few home improvements you can make that not only adds value immediately, but also increases in value as the years go..

3 Reasons to Build A Backyard Fire Pit

Everyone loves to spend time outside with friends and family but as the temperature begins to dip no one wants to stand out in the cold weather. Ever thought of adding a fire pit to your landscape..

Clients Testimonials

Great ! Garden Maintenace

I have meant to be in touch – to let you know that I have been so very happy with the work of the landscape maintenance team that comes to the house weekly. They have been very professional and attentive to detail in the garden and yard. They really seem to enjoy and take pride in their work. I am very pleased and would be happy to recommend them.

Kalemela Jackie
Wonderful Compound transformation

We have been thoroughly satisfied Green Yard Gardeners Ltd clients since 2017. We believe that they are, hands down, the best – whether it is landscape design, installation, repair, or maintenance. In addition, their employees have been universally competent and personable.

Kaidu Kasim
Great Work Done

"We could not be more pleased with the entire scope of the project from the initial design and updates, scheduling, budget and contract, progress communication and more than anything "going the extra mile" to make it better than expected. Green Yard Landscaping team seems to be the premier contractor in this area and I just wanted to tell you how pleased we are."

Rwamiti Rogers
Very Thankfull

"We want to thank you for transforming a very ordinary outdoor space into something spectacular! With great anticipation we watched your amazing vision become a beautiful reality. Your crew was great and we have been very impressed by your attention to and presence on our project. With our sincere appreciation."

Expert ! Designers

“Green Yard Gardeners Ltd designed a lovely garden with walkways and paths for my small house with a flat front yard. Their are completely professional and knowledgeable and I would highly recommend them to anyone interested in improving a yard or outdoor area.”

Kalisch Frieda
Wonderful front yard transformation

"Without Green Yard Gardeners Ltd we would have not been able to achieve the beautiful, charming and functional garden that we have always wanted. They listened and cared about what we wanted and used their knowledge, skill and expertise to help us achieve it, the overall effect is magical."

Wilberforce Kato
Best company

Thank you so much for an excellent job. We love everything and have gotten such wonderful comments! I tell everyone about the great workers and their care given to our project.

Dietrich mercy