Our Team

He has great experience in field he handles and he has worked with this company for three years. He plays a big role by fulfilling  the following; checks for damage or potential damage from Pests/ Insects, harsh weather conditions such as hail or drought and determine the solutions immediately. analyses


As one of the founders of Green Yard Gardeners and board member, Musanga is the one responsible for estimating budgeting and project management. He assures quality and customer services. Alumansi has an experience of some good years in this field.He Know about the complexities of the work and how to


Fazali has immeasurable knowledge of industry standards and management. Managing our employees and subcontracting to ensure industry level standards is his strength. He is an impressive problem solver and manages detailed and difficult projects with ease.


Miriam manages aspects of specific development services. She handles the growing of specific flowers and trees. She is very  talented  in her work on addition to her experience.